Is It Better to Use a Liquid Aerator or Rent a Lawn Aerator?

You get different benefits from a liquid aerator than you do from a lawn aerator rental. When you use a liquid aerator, you are actually trying to change the composition of the soil. This means that you are using the compound in the liquid aerator to help break down the clay and turn it into more of a low meeting soil. In order for liquid aerator to work, you actually have to put down quite a bit and you have to do it in the spring for the fall when the soil is still soft enough that the liquid aerator will penetrate. You can do it anytime you want, if you use a lawn aerator to aerate your lawn when you put the liquid aerator down.

A lawn aerator works much differently than a liquid aerator. A lawn aerator actually mechanically enhances soil by giving the soil plenty of room in which the roots can expand and grow. Plus it also allows water to penetrate deeper into the soil. Roots will naturally grow down to get to the water. This is completely different then the way that a liquid aerator works because a lawn aerator encourages the grass to change the soil where a liquid aerator in purges the soil to change the grass. If you’re trying to decide which one to use or which one is better, my answer is to use both. Most lawns will be benefited by both mechanical and liquid aeration. If you do them both at the same time, the benefits of both of them will be enhanced. The roots will have an easier time growing because they are mechanically separated and because the soil composition is changing due to the use of the liquid aerator. Also, the liquid aerator works much better when it is combined with a coring aerator because it gets down to the exact place where it needs to be.

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