How to Use a Liquid Aerator When You Lay Sod

One of the most important parts about learning how to lay sod, is making sure that you properly prepare the existing soil. If you have existing grass or weeds, you need to remove them with a sod cutter, or else kill them with Roundup and then remove the dead grass and weeds with a power rate. After cleaning and grading the soil, you want to be able to prepare it so that it can grow new sod really easily. One of the best ways to help prepare your soil for new sod is to soften up the soil by spraying it with a liquid aerator.

Spraying it with a liquid aerator is a great idea, because it will help to loosen up the soil and it will also help your lawn to establish itself a lot faster. When the soil is hard, it can take months for the new sod to grow in. But when the soil is moist and soft, the new sod can come in and as little as 2 to 3 weeks. When you use liquid aeration, you speed up the process quite a bit. Plus, this is also the most effective time to apply a liquid aerator. I mean you can apply directly to the soil, where the roots are going to be growing. If you spray liquid aerator on top of the grass, it is not going to work as effectively, because a lot of it is going to stay on top of the lawn, rather than to go underneath the one where it is most needed.

After rolling the new sod over your lawn, make sure to water it on a regular basis. As long as the sod stays well watered, it should come in and look nice. You probably want to wait until the grass is a little bit longer than usual in order to mow it. Usually when the grass reaches a height of about four just, then it is time to mow over it. Make sure that the solid is not wet when you mow it because if it is, it could be damaged by the mower.

When the grass has a good foundation, it will look green or years to come. That is why I recommend taking the time to do so preparation, and why I think it is a very good idea to use a liquid aerator on tough soils, before laying sod. Learning how to lay sod is not very difficult, but if you do a good job, it will last you for a long time.

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