Facts About Liquid Lawn Aeration

Liquid lawn aeration is easy to apply and is becoming more popular from year to year. Some lawn care companies claim that conventional aeration or core cultivation should be replaced by a product that is sprayed on the lawn.

Such products must not be confused with the high pressured water injection systems that are used for aerification of any lawns. The companies that sell such products insist that their tools effectively aggregate sandy soils, enhance water retention and root growth as well as loosen compacted soils.

It is hard to guess what these liquids contain. However, some have been shown to contain liquid organic matter and soap materials, like sodium sulfate. Most do not believe that a diluted solution of these applied on a compacted soil can successfully affect its density. There is absolutely no indication that these products have ever been evaluated.

In other words, there is no chemical substitute for the physical remediation of soil. At best, the experts say that these products might only provide a wetting effect and nothing more. The wetting agents increase the spreading of liquids across the surface.

These being said, let us see the good parts of liquid lawn aeration as well.

If you think mechanical aeration is too much work for you, liquid aeration might be what you need then. Such an aeration covers all your lawn surface, instead of only a few inches apart and it might have a deeper impact than even a core aerator with more applications. You can also aerate without thinning the grass with the missing plugs.

Such a liquid soil aerator is ionized and that makes it cling to and easily break the soil. It is also way cheaper than renting a machine, or also buying one.

It is your call if you want to try it or just stick to the regular machines, but it is recommended to give it a try though and see how it works on your lawn.

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